The Indoor Pickleball Process

All reservations can be made by Clicking Here.  Need help figuring out how to make a reservation, Click Here.

When Pickleball was located outside, the exposure to Covid-19 was greatly reduced.  Spectators and those waiting to play were easily able to separate and wait their turn to play.  A foursome could easily show up at one of the 6 outdoor courts and probably be able to play together at the same time.  And just like using an outdoor tennis court, the pickleball courts were free and no time restrictions.  Unfortunately, when we move indoors, we have many other things we have to consider, especially during this pandemic.  We do not have ample space to allow spectators and more than 2 people waiting to play.  Players also do not have the ability to just show up to play and all get on the same court.

On Mondays and Wednesdays we have 4 total pickleball courts available.  On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays we have 2 total pickleball courts.  Because of these space limitations, players must reserve a spot to play.  You are not reserving a court for you and your friends.  You are merely reserving one of the spots available.  Have your friends also sign up for that same timeslot spot if you all want to play together.  Reserving a spot can be done up to 3 days in advance and you are allowed to book 2 time slots a day (2 hours of play).

Twinsburg Fitness Center Member:

  • There is no charge to reserve a spot
  • Contact a receptionist to set up your online account.  You cannot set up your own account. The account must be linked to your membership, so we have to do this for you.
  • Reserve your spot online or call the front desk.

Those without a current membership:

Option 1:
Drop in to play one time $15/district resident; $20/others

Option 2:
Purchase an 8 punch pass $60/district residents; $72/others
Purchase the pass at the front desk.  The Front Desk will set up your online account which will allow you to reserve your spot.  After 8 reservations, you will need to purchase another punch pass.

Option 3:
Purchase a Fitness Center Membership.  Discuss the various options with the front desk.
After becoming a member, you will have unlimited free pickleball.  SilverSneakers members are eligible for free pickleball too.

Nonmembers – Because there is not a current membership in place, participants can create their own account as they will be paying for their timeslot at checkout. Nonmembers will receive the QR Code that will be scanned at the front desk to unlock the gate. Nonmembers might find it more economical to purchase a pass than pay a drop in fee.  Again, QR codes will only work 10 mins prior to their scheduled reservation time. Ie. If I made a 11am pickleball reservation, then I can come in no earlier than 10:50am.

We realize this is different from last year’s indoor pickleball process.  But, we are in the middle of pandemic and need to make some changes to the process.  As always, we thank you for your patience and flexibility during these difficult times.  We are glad we are still able to provide a pickleball option for you.

If you have questions, then please call us at 330-405-5757.