Group Swimming Lessons

The following course descriptions cover all swim lessons offered. Please note that as the levels progress, it is not unusual for a child to repeat a level several times. Remember that each child is unique and is evaluated on their swimming ability, not age. If you are not sure about what level to place your child into, please feel free to ask the Aquatics Manager and staff. Please observe all swimming lessons from the pool balcony. There will be no refunds or make-ups for missed classes. Registration takes place in person at Twinsburg Fitness Center or online.


Fall Swim Lessons Registration Begins:

Monday, September 11th at 8 AM – Fitness Center Members / City Residents

Monday, September 18th at 8 AM – Non-Members / Non-Residents


**Customer Pricing Notice** In accordance with City Ordinance 34-2023, effective May 8, 2023 a non-refundable 3% service charge will be applied to all credit card, debit card, pre-paid card transactions. This applies to in person and online transactions.


Infant and Preschool

Parent & Child: This program helps children between 6 months and 3 years of age become comfortable in and around the water. Parents will learn different support and holding techniques as well as how to help children learn and practice skills appropriate for their age.

Preschool Beginner: I cannot put my face in the water, need support to float, and want to become more comfortable in the water.

Preschool Advanced: I can put my face in the water with ease, can doggie paddle, and am ready to learn front and back crawl.

Preschool Super Kids: I passed preschool advanced, can swim front and back crawl 5 yards, and want to learn more strokes. Additionally, I am not afraid of the deep water.

School Age – 6 & Older

Level 1- Intro to Water Skills: Children are introduced to submerging mouth, nose and eyes as well as opening eyes and exhaling underwater. Water entry and exit. Front and back floats and glides (with support), use of arm and leg action, pick up submerged object. Treading water will be introduced.

Level 2- Fundamental Aquatic Skills: Submerging entire Head, bobs. Roll over from front to back & vice versa. Advance from floating to front and back glides. Swim on front & back using combined strokes. Step entry, tread water using arms and leg motion. Move in water with life jacket.

Level 3- Stroke Development: Jump into deep water, survival float, rotary breathing, change from horizontal to vertical position on front and back, kneeling dive from pool deck. Demonstrate front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke and scissor kick.

Pre-Swim Team 1 – Swim Team Readiness: Bridges the gap between swim lessons and swim team. (Equivalent to level 4)

Pre-Swim Team 2 – Breaststroke and Freestyle: Focuses on the Breastroke and Freestyle strokes. (Equivalent to level 5)

Pre-Swim Team 3 – Backstroke and Butterfly: Focuses on the Backstroke and Butterfly strokes. (Equivalent to level 6)

TCAT Swim Team: Swim team is available after all levels and Pre-Swim Team are completed.


We are currently not offering private swim lessons at this time.

Swim Lessons


Twinsburg Fitness Center is recognized as one of the top training programs in the area by the American Red Cross!

Lifeguard Training Course: Join an elite team of aquatic professionals by taking the American Red Cross Lifeguard course. Learn lifesaving techniques, gain leadership skills, and make new friends. All participants must pass a pre-requisite test on the first day including a swim test. At the end of the class participants will have earned a Lifeguard Training and First Aid certificate, CPR-PR certificate and an AED certificate.

Water Safety Instructor: Instructor candidates will be trained to teach water safety, including Basic Water Rescue course, six levels of Learn to Swim, and Parent Child Aquatics.

Lifeguard Re-Certification: Ready to get back to lifeguarding? Our review classes will get you back up to speed with everything you need know. All topics will be covered.

Lifeguard Instructor Training Course: The course will train instructor candidates to teach basic level: lifeguarding, CPR/AED for the professional rescuer, administering emergency oxygen, blood-borne pathogens training, disease transmission, and basic water rescue. Cadidates will also becoming familiar with GuardStartLifeguarding Tomorrow, and the Water Safety presentations.

Program Refund Policy
Refund amounts are based on when you cancel: Cancelling at least 48 hours before program starts – full credit to your Parks and Recreation account or cash refund minus a processing fee of $5 or 10% of the program value (whichever is greater). Cancelling 48 hours or less before the program starts – no refund unless a doctor’s note is presented; the refund will be subject to the above policies. Once program has already begun – a refund, subject to the above policies, will be prorated as long as documentation from the participant’s doctor is presented