What’s Wellbeats?

What’s Wellbeats?

What’s Wellbeats and how can you use it?

Wellbeats is an on-demand fitness platform with over 1,000 classes, challenges, and more! It’s just an extra benefit for being a TFC member and to help you get started this year.

ANNUAL & BUNDLE MEMBERS: You have access to the app and Wellbeats website…anytime, anywhere! To activate your account, simply stop by the front desk, call 330-405-5757, or message us on Facebook. There is no extra cost! Perfect for a busy day when you can’t stop in or even use it on your phone in the facility to enhance a workout.

ALL MEMBERS: We have a new TV display upstairs with a select number of Wellbeats classes on our fitness schedule and playing weekly. Better yet, looking for a private or small group workout space? You can now reserve the upstairs fitness studio at no cost and select any class. Make a reservation in your online account or by calling 330-405-5757.

HOW TO RESERVE THE WELLBEATS STUDIO: Members can book one hour reservations for a private or small group workout space upstairs equipped with the Wellbeats TV display. To reserve, visit your online account and click Register – Reserve a Park or Facility – Fitness Center – Fitness Room. You can also make a reservation at the front desk or by calling 330-405-5757.

Wellbeats Overview – General Video

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